Future Of Sex – State of the Art

Remote Sex: Sex between two peopple in different places. They are connected through internet using electrnic sex toys and transmit sensations through touch sensors to arouse partners in real time.

Technology: Super-connected sex toys, interactive sex shows, participatory porn, teledildonic virtual sex worlds.

Expectation: Long-distance sex, pan-sensual social networks, remote sex workers, holographic lovers.

Virtual Sex: People connect through communication devices to share sexual contents, including text messages, videos, 3D computer worlds, and avatars.

Technology: MMO sex games (MMOSG), alternative sexual community, DIY erotic play grounds, hyper realistic avatars.

Expectation: AI lovers, total immersion with virtual lovers, Neurological interfaces for untethered sexual gaming, long-distance relationships and hookups.

Robots and Gynoids: Robotic and sensor advances will take machines into more complex domains of sex, emotions, and love

Technology: Hyper-realistic sex dolls, chat bots, humanoid robots and gynoids

Expectations: Seductive AI, Augmented robotic reality, therapeutic sex bots, simulated genitals, robotic sex gurus. uncanny valley

Immersive Entertainment: Initially wearing a headset, people will enter simulated 3D environment generated by computers to feels part of the environment.

Technology: Live VR show, multi-sensory sexperineces, augmented adult entertainment

Expectation: holographic partners, immersive sex education, personalized erotic adventure, full body experiences.

Bio-Augmentation: Pushing the limits of pleasure using implants and wearable.

Technology: Lab grown genitals and sexual prosthesis. bio hacking, innovative contraceptives, wearable for sex performance.

Expectation: brain-brain sex interfaces, augmented reality, sexual cyborgs and super human, sex net of things, pleasure implants