How to Get Last Minute Bargain Vacation

In most places the low vacation season starts around late autumn. If you scout the Internet, you will find plenty of bargain deals around that time. Some of the travel and airline sites advertise bundle deals that include hotel, car, and airfare for two. These deals can be real bargains because airlines want to sell the unused seats in those packages by heavily discounting the seats. Sign up for the news letters of major travel sites, e.g., price or airline travel sites, like, You will receive plenty of last minute great vacation and airfare deals in your e-mail account regularly. Use another site called for comparison shopping of best airfares to your destination.

Go to different hotel sites to look for bargains in the form of one night free for two nights stay. Check out for the last minute great bargains. While at site, sign up for their weekly news letter to all the discounted bed and break fast gateways. Many car rental companies will not advertise their unbooked cars at a lower price but they would offer discounts via sites like and offers two types of booking, name-your-price or selection from a listed rate. Use the listed rate first to estimate a fair market value of the bargain you are looking for. And then use the name-your-price and offer a discounted price. Start with a high discounted price to reveal the best price you can get.

Many cruise cabins are cancelled at the last minute by early birds – people who have booked these cabins sometimes a year in advance – and they are auctioned off at It is a auction type site where you bid for all kind of travel deals, including international travel, cruises, etc. Before you start putting bid, know the fair market value of the deal and refrain from emotional bidding and don’t set your mind to the bid no matter what it costs.

Here is a great tip for getting bargains that most people searching the Web don’t know. Clear your Web browser cookies after each search at a travel or airline Website, like or To clear your cookies from your Windows Internet browser, select Tools and then Internet Options. A window will pop up and in the middle of the Window on the left side, you will see a button with label Delete Cookies. Click the button to clear all your cookies before you start a fresh search on the site. Using cookies, some Web sites keep track of all the bargains displayed to you and clearing the cookies will reveal further price breaks that you did not see before. It is worth a try. Another great tip is to get a free e-mail account from that you can use for signing up for new letters etc.