How To Use YouTube For Link Building

For most people, building back links to their sites amount to improving their PageRank and search engine rankings. However, the other benefits of building back links are brand awareness, connecting people with your products and services, and bringing targeted traffic to your web sites. Using YouTube to build links to your sites provides all these benefits.

Create a professional video. With the availability of free or low cost software and licensed music, it is easier than ever to create a professional quality video. If you don’t know how to create a professional video, you can get it done for low cost using outsourcing sites like oDesk and Scriptlance.

Create a branded channel for your brand. You can change the background of your channel by uploading a background image. You can also upload a banner that will be displayed above the info box on all your video pages. Other channel customizations available to you for branding purposes are: branding box, channel side column image, connect box icon, tracking image URL, and channel banner.

Just like a blogroll in a blog that points to good blogs in your niche, you can add YouTube channel subscribers to do the same.

Participate in comments. To engage users, reply to comments posted by others as you would do in blog comments. Answer their questions and resolve any issues they may have raised.

Share your videos from your Web site. Instead of linking to your video, grab the YouTube embedded codes of your video and share it on your site. It will make easier for visitors to your site to view your videos without leaving your web site. Also, many people who don’t click links will click the play button of a video.

Google has started using YouTube videos and channels in their search engine result pages. When someone searches for your brand, if you have a branded YouTube channel, the ranking of your brand in natural search engine results is improved. It will also result in more traffic to your site.

YouTube is the most popular video sharing web site. People spend hours watching meaningless videos of cats knocking something over. If you can create some funny videos, you will have improved chance of going it viral.

Educational how to videos are also popular. Create a few how to videos in your niche and share it with others in your YouTube channel. From fixing a faucet to changing oil, people are watching how to videos prior to engaging in any do-it-yourself job.