How to Use Aiptek Video Recorder For Online Marketing

An Aiptek Video Recorder is an affordable marketing tool you can use to attract more clients. You can get the latest Aiptek camcorder, the DV5 for around $100 and it is a 6 in 1 multi-functioning video recorder, with digital camera, MP3 players, voice recorder, web cam recorder for DVDs, and has a removable hard drive and an internal flash card reader.

Using a video recorder to impress your clients can involve several techniques that are affordable using an Aiptek camcorder as a tool. It can zoom in for close-ups as close as 10 inches, so you can get great shots. You can use basic software to make videos with background music or voice recordings. Software like Windows Movie Maker is free and serves the purpose well.

1. Create a Video of your workshops or demonstrations or a Photo collage of your products. You could create a video of yourself giving advice or how-to information and put it on your website. Just keep in mind not to put more than a couple on your website because it can make the load time longer than most people like. It’s a great way to take still shots of your products, using the zoom function on your Aiptek camcorder. There is nothing worse than looking at a website and not being able to make out the details of the products offered.

2. Customer testimonials are great for marketing. If you have a workshop or product demonstration, you can get the customers on video using your Aiptek camcorder and a tripod, saying what they learned, or how impressed they were to buy the product, or why they needed your product. It’s a great way to build loyalty and trust, and usually clients will flatter your products more when they know they are being videotaped.

3. You can use your Aiptek camcorder to make a webcam of yourself talking about your products, upcoming special events or sales, or simply describing what you product does and has to offer to potential customers. Talking newsletters are a new marketing trend that some websites are offering.

4. If you have done recent interviews for the media, it’s a great way to offer press releases that don’t have to be read. You can display your video clip or make a link to the site where it is. You just have to be sure it is active, so you have to check periodically, if you do this. Otherwise, if you can get somebody to make a personal video using your Aiptek camcorder, then you know you will have an active copy for however long you need it.

5. Make a video of your product using your Aiptek camcorder. No matter what product you have, you can think of creative ways to display or demonstrate it. If it is something people wear, make a video montage of different people wearing it or if it is a service, make a video demonstrating it. Use your imagination and your Aiptek camcorder to make a unique and interesting product video.

These are just a few of the marketing ideas you can use your Aiptek camcorder for. Of course, they are fun to use on family vacations and personal outings, too. They are a great value for the many uses they are capable of.

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