Creating a Niche eBook in a Weekend Using Off-line Resources

In the future people will read their news, conduct research, and do their general reading online. However, we are not there yet. Just visit your local book store and you will see how many people are sitting on the couch and browsing through the pages of printed books and magazines.

As an Internet savvy marketer, you should be able to get information from the off-line world, do research online and come up with digital products that you can sell in your websites or using an affiliate marketplace like clickbank. This article discusses how to use off-line resources to create an ebook in a weekend.

Go the non-fiction section of the your local book store, like Barnes and Noble. You will see hundreds, if not thousands, of books personal finance, weight less, healthy living, retirement planning, etc. There is a lot of demand for how-to and self improvement types printed books.

Go your local bookstore on a weekend and spend some times in the non-fiction aisles. A weekend is the best time to go to a bookstore for this type of research because lots of people visit bookstores on weekends. Take your wireless enabled PDA. Most big book stores provide wifi connection to the Internet.

See what types of books people are browsing and write them down in your PDA. Try to categorize each book. Is it a personal finance book or a weight loss book? Is it a book about organic foods or a book about muscle development?

Now go to Amazon or New York times websites and check out the popularity of a few non-fiction books you find people browsing in the bookstore. Select two to three popular books in the same niche and spend half to an hour to go through those books.

Spend another hour writing a synopsis of all the books. Write down some actionable suggestions found in the books. Actionable suggestions are suggestion that the readers should use to solve their problems.

Now head towards the magazine section of the book store. Grab a few magazine in the same niche of the popular book that you have just reviewed. Sit down comfortably in the book store couch and scan these magazines for some attention grabbing titles and write down those titles in your PDA.

Back at home, spend two hours in writing an ebook from the materials you have collected from the book store. Do some brain storming using those catchy titles you have collected from printed magazines to come up with a title of your ebook.

You should have a paid download system for publishing your ebooks or a membership site. If you are selling your ebooks via paid download, you can use an affiliate marketplace like clickbank.

Instead of an PDA, you can get an Eee PC. It is an ultra portable PC with a 7-inch screen and it has wifi, a keyboard, and a camera. It is a very handy tool for doing research away from your home or office.