8 Steps to Affiliate Sales Using Classified Ads

Many websites advise not to use classified ads to promote affiliate programs. But they are wrong. If you know how to use classified ads effectively, you will be able to drive traffic to your affiliate sites without spending a dime.

1. Keep the ad simple. Don’t try to sell anything. You are trying to get clicks and drive traffic to websites. Your goal is to arouse curiosity in the readers’ mind and urge them to click on the link that takes to the landing page of the affiliate sites.

2. Create a compelling header. This is the first line a reader scans. It should grab her attention immediately. If it cannot attract her like a magnet, she will not read the rest of your ad description. Don’t write the type of headers that thousand other ads have in the classified site. Make it compelling and create a psychological trigger. To get the most clicks from your ad, use words like “cheap”, “free”, “proven” and “shocking”.

3. The next step in creating your ad is the first two sentences of the ad itself. According to many experts, the best way to make your ad appealing is to state a quantifiable benefit in these two lines. This benefit should make the reader recognize right away that they have come to the right place. A good way to do this is to tell the reader exactly what solution your product offers them.

4. The third sentence of your ad should be about a crucial feature of your product. This can be a unique selling point. The purpose is to draw the reader into clicking through now to find out the details and price of the offer. Just remember to keep the ad as simple as you can. The goal when advertising with classified ads is to use as few words as you can to achieve the greatest results.

5. Next you will need places to post your new ads to. The criteria here is to find places that will allow free classified ads that get large amounts of traffic themselves. Use Google and search using key words “free classifieds”, “free ads”, “free business ads”. Use the first two pages of Google listing and start visiting each site. Use sites that are simple and easy to use and keep a listing of those sites in you browser’s favorites.

6. Don’t forget to put a link in your ad. The link will take users to your affiliate site when they click it. Use classified sites that have an input box for URL. Put your link starting with http. If the site does not have an URL box in the ad submission page, just forget it unless you know the html syntax of a link.

7. Don’t spam the free classified sites by posting ads in irrelevant categories. You can post as many ads as you want but post only in a few relevant categories. If the site does not allow you to post multiple ads, there is no need to visit the site for the second time.

8. Use pictures or banners in your ad. If the classified site does not have a picture upload feature, you should give a second thought if you really want to use the site for your promotion. You can use it if the site gets lots of traffic.

By following these proven methods and a bit of perseverance, your success and profits will be greater. It will give more effective exposures to affiliate programs you are promoting. Just head to clickbank and pick up a few affiliate programs and start promoting using free classified ads.

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