5 Must Have Sources for Writing Articles that Attract Traffic

Are you getting ideas for writing your articles from the article directories? If you answer positively, you are not giving any valuable information to your readers. You are just rehashing published materials and spamming the article directories.

Whether you are writing for blogs or article marketing, you must come up with new ideas constantly to create valuable contents that will benefit your readers now and in the future. Coming up with new ideas from the thin air is difficult and time consuming.

If you know quality sources that help you generate new ideas for your contents, you will be able to produce fresh contents that others will refer to and, thereby, help increase the number of backlinks to your posts. This article introduces five must have resources for generating new ideas.

1. Subscribe to Google Alerts. On a piece of paper, write down all the keywords and key phrases that you are passionate about and want to write about those topics. You can use a tool like Google AdWords keyword suggestion tool for researching popular keywords and key phrases.

Once you have a list of keywords, go to Google Alerts and create a Google alerts based on those keywords. Google will send you the latest relevant Google results based on those keywords. You can choose to receive the alert email once a day. You can also opt to receive alerts on topics published only in blogs and news.

2. Subscribe to Meme Tracker. Meme is a thought or behavior that passes from person to person by imitation or learning. It is like viral marketing and it propagates very fast.

Have you ever noticed how top bloggers write about the same topic using different angles? For example, when Apple released 3G iPhone, tech bloggers did not spare any time in explaining their views on the product. And thus 3G iPhone became a hot topic in the blogosphere for a few days,

Some of the popular meme tracking sites are Techmeme, Megite, Tailrank and Technorati. Tweetmeme and Twemes are meme trackers for Twitter, the most popular microblogging site. To track meme from these sites, subscribe to their RSS feeds.

The number of articles from these meme tracker sites may overwhelm your RSS reader because each day these sites track hundreds of posts. So, you need to organize all these feeds in a single folder of your RSS reader. Just scan the titles quickly few times a day and flag the post you are interested in before marking the feeds as read. Go back to the flagged posts to review them further.

3. Subscribe to Online Newspapers and Magazines. Spend a few week-ends building a list of online news papers and magazines that regularly publish topics related to your niche. And subscribe to their topic specific feeds using your feed reader. Put them in one folder and name the folder to identify it by your niche.